I'm Sad

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Aug 3, 2012 23:05
I called my painting friend in Tokyo today and enjoyed chatting with her. I've been absent from our painting school for a while and even though I've been exchanging e-mails with her, I've been thinking of her.

I told her that I will have to move to another place again because of my husband's job and it would become difficult for me to keep on going to Tokyo. I also told her that I probably would change painting school to Osaka after moving.

After hearing my story, she seemed to be very shocked because we have been learning since we entered the school for 5 years. Every time I go to school, I sit next to her and she is my best painting friend in Tokyo.

I'm really sad to have to say good bye to her, but I invite her to our house. She will come to our house in October and after moving, she also will come to our new house. I'd love to stay in touch with her even though I have to change my painting school and it will be difficult for me to meet her in Tokyo.