A Sad Day Changed A Happy Day!

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Jul 31, 2012 23:47
After hearing a story that my husband has to move to Tokyo or Osaka, I have been blue. Today he told me that he has to move to Tokyo and get a training for 6 months for the new project of his company. Six month from now he will move to Osaka and start working for the new project at the official central office of his company. That means we will move to Osaka! Since I don't like moving to Tokyo because the city has a lot of quakes and many veggies have been affected by radiation, I'm so happy now!

I was born and grow up in the Kansai area and I'm used to the food, dialect, culture and weather. It will be our first time to live in the Kansai region more than in 10 years. In addition, our daughter changed her mind and said that she also wanted to follow us. Although today was the last day for us to spend a time together, 6 months from now we can live together again! It made my day!!!