A Funny Shot

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Jul 16, 2012 21:47
At a Japanese restaurant with my American friend, Gay.

Basically, I don't like having Japanese food in America because the taste is completely different from real Japanese one. However, the day Gay and I were so tired and we couldn't find a suitable restaurant. So, we stopped by a Japanese restaurant where they have been serving both Japanese food and Chinese food with a buffet style.

Me: I'm so hungry.
Gay: So am I. Let's get food!
Me: Let's go!

I got some Chinese food because I don't like American Japanese food and took a look at a drink menu on our table while waiting for Gay.
Gay came back to our table.

Me: Gay! Look at the Japanese drink menu!
Gay: What the matter?
Me: OMG!!!!! I didn't know that the restaurant is a cannibals restaurant!!!!!
Gay: What?
Me: They have been serving Japanese people! We have been sold for only 16 dollars here!!!!!
Gay: LOL, did you find something funny on the menu?
Me: Oh, yeah! Nihonjin on the menu means Japanese people.
Gay: Do you wanna order it?
Me: No thanks! I don't wanna become a cannibal!

When I go to America, I sometime can find very funny stuff and I love taking the picture!
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