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Jul 12, 2012 21:37
Yesterday I chatted with my British friend for the first time on Skype after six weeks. Since I was in America, I couldn't talk to him for a while. Before starting talking to him, I was very nervous because I've been used to an American English, and he is the only my British friend who can talk to me on Skype and I'm not good at his accent.

I heard a lot of expressions that my American friends haven't used in their conversation from him. I thought compared to six weeks ago, I've improved my listening skills because I could realize it.

I will have an appointment to talk to my Chinese friend who lives in America next Sunday midnight. I'm really looking forward to talking to her because I can update a lot! I also start talking again two of my American friends! I'm so happy that some of my friends enjoy talking to me and I can learn English from them!