Shaker Town

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Jun 20, 2012 22:31
Yesterday my American friends and I went to Shaker town. Visiting there was always one of my bucket lists!

It took two hours by car from my friend's mom's house. My friend's mom had been used to making Rag dolls to sell in the town for a long time. Her dolls were one of the popular souvenirs and she sometimes was picked up in a local newspaper.

The town was very pretty, but I learned there aren't any Shaker people there any more in the town. People there pretended and performed Shaker people and entertain us. However, there are still some really neat furniture and there are some buildings that Shaker people had used. I ate Shaker food at a restaurant. I especially enjoyed a piece of shaker lemon pie. My friend's older sister gave me the recipe of the lemon pie, so I can bake it in Japan!

I think their idea that women and men have to live separate even they are family is very strange. I think children should be raised by their parents and live together. On the other hand, I was very inspired by their tools, furniture, blooms and so on. All of them were so crafted and very lovely. They seemed to be art for me.
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