Shame on Me!

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Jun 19, 2012 10:03
I went to Abraham Lincoln's birth place with two of my American friends today. It was a national park, and we saw a movie about his childhood in Kentucky. We walked around the park and saw his log cabin where he was born. It was not the exact same one, but we still enjoyed it. I learned Lincoln was born as a farmer's son and spent his childhood with nature. He rarely went to school with his older sister, but he taught by himself and became a lawyer.

We also visited a different museum close to the national park. I bought a book about Lincoln. I learned some part of American history at school, but I don't know a lot of things about it. I think reading his book is good to learn about it. I'd love to learn more about Abraham Lincoln and the civil war.

My friends and I stopped by one of my friend's brother's restaurant. After eating lunch, my friend suddenly called me "Come here, Yumi! We can see Amish people!! They are coming here with their horse wagon!" I jumped and went there. It my first time to see Amish people although I have seen Mennonite people before in Michigan. My friend asked them if we could take their picture or not, but they said no. However, before hearing their response I took some their pictures. Same on me, but I couldn't stand loosing this chance! My friends chased their wagon on the way to home, we also recorded them. I know we have to show our respect, but we just couldn't stop it. The Amish people were two of young couples. I'm so happy to see them!!