I Can't Believe It!

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Jun 17, 2012 22:06
I still can't understand, but it happened to me the day before yesterday.

My friend and I visited her neighborhood. Her neighborhood is a widow and lives alone in a huge house. She invited us to look around her house because her house seems to be too elegant and full of antique furniture, lamps, chinas and glasses. We really enjoyed the tour of her house.

The following day she visited my friend's house and gave me a gift. When I opened it, I was very surprised at it because it was the antique plate that I saw in her house. When I looked at it in her house, I told her that I loved it. She remembered it and gave it to me. When I looked at the rare side of the plate, I was surprised again because it was the antique KPM plate!!!!! It is hand painted and a painter's sign on it! I know how much it's expensive!

I couldn't believe why she gave me such the expensive plate and asked to my friend. Although she told me I'm just sweet and her neighborhood loves me, I still can't believe in it.