Pussy Willow

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Apr 19, 2015 09:46
Pussy Willow

Today my second class started, and I want to share a funny story with you. I am taking the class from my male teacher. We are painting some irises with the modern techniques. I can paint irises with the botanical way, but painting the flower in the impressive way is new for me. I am learning a lot.

Well, in the class, after my teacher explained how to paint the irises in the impressive way, all the sudden he said, "OK, ladies. We are painting pussy xxxxxxx next. " However, I couldn't catch what my teacher said because first of all, English is my second language. I am working hard to catch up with my class to learn the new techniques. I just thought, "What? What is he talking about? Are we painting 'pussy what' or 'pushy what'?" I couldn't ask him what kind of "pussy" we have to paint because it was embarrassing me to say the word to my male teacher. I thought I might misunderstand because sometimes my classmates and my teachers are talking about dirty jokes and laughing each other. I thought he might be talking in the way.

We have no pictures to paint and have to paint the irises in the impressive way. All we can do to paint is to imagine the flowers. Then, I thought, "Oh, my goddesses!!!! Do I have to paint 'pussy something' with my imagination? What's is the 'pussy something'?" We have no internet in our classroom. I couldn't even search the word 'pussy'. As you know, for English learners, it's one of the hardest parts to memorize plants names in English. I could guess maybe he was talking about some plants name which has the word, pussy, but I had no clue what it was..........

While I was in trouble, my closest American friend just stopped by my table. She is a girl, and I jumped to ask her. "Hey, Gay. Do you have a plant which has the word, pussy?" She laughed, and I finally got the idea, "pussy willow'. I have never ever forgotten the term, 'pussy willow".

I sometimes have to be in such the tough situations. Oh, well.........
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