My First Day for Teaching in English

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Jun 12, 2012 12:16
Today was a big day for me. One of my purposes that I came to Alabama is to teach how to paint with my style on porcelain to some people. I received 7 students and taught them in English. It was my firt time to teach something in English as well.

I'm used to how to paint with my style, and I never thought it was really difficult for Westrn people. I found that many people were struggling with it. I have used very small and tiny brushes and love adding a lot of details on my paintings. Some people told me that it's heritage and American people are not good at it. I was nervous if I made them difficult.

I told them before I got the techniques, I practiced a lot. I've believed that practice makes perfect. After they listened to my story, they started practicing a lot. I'm so happy all my students are so patient and tried to improve their painting skills. They seemed enjoying painting with me. My class continues to next day. I have to teach them for three days. I hope tomorrow will go to be a easier day for them. I learned that I have to think which way is the easiest way for my students to paint with my techniques. Although many my American painting teachers have suggested to me that I should start teaching, I finally understand what they mean. I realized that while improving my painting skills, I also have to improve my teaching skills.
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