My Perspective about Christianity

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Jun 11, 2012 11:23
Today I went to a church with my American friends. When I was a kid, I was used to going to a Catholic church. Even though I'm not a Christian, my parents made my sister and me have gone to a Sunday school at the church for six years. I think they wanted us to learn Western manner and culture because both of the preacher and the sister were American. I learned a little bit Christianity from the church, and since that, I've been interested in Christianity. My religion is very unique, and I got wedding at the church. Both my daughter and I graduated the kindergarten relates to the church.

The church where I went today was completely different from the Catholic one. I was so surprised because it was much more modern and organized. I don't know which kind of Christianity that my friends believe, but going to there was fun! The church was selling foods and drinks. My friend told me that when I bought a drink, the money was useful for the church. She tried to buy a cup of chai latte for me, but I refused it and bought it by my money. Their oldest son is a preacher at the church. I met a lot of people there, and my friends introduced me to them.

First a church person guided me a church tour. The church has a lot of rooms for kids. While their parents are working for the church, they spend the rooms. The rooms separates for different ages. Second, we entered a praying room, and I realized that there were some music instruments. It looked like a mini concert hall. There were two big screens there as well. It was my first time to see such a modern church. I listened to a rock'n roll, country, blue grass music all relics were holly things there. It was a real music concert and so much fun! Next we watched a short movie on the big screens and preacher started speeching.

The stories were so interesting because most of parts are very similar as Buddhism. The church was so interesting for me. I think Christianity people are very peaceful, but I can't understand some parts of America. I know there are so many Christian people there. Churches has been teaching to respect their parents, show their politeness, honest, believe God or whatever. However, from my point of view, Christianity doesn't work for American people. I can't understand there are so many religious people, but there are still a lot of climes happen.