Made in Occupied Japan

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May 15, 2012 23:28
I've been collecting antique or vintage cup and saucer sets, and every time I go to America, my American friend, Gay takes me to some antique shops. I love going antiques.

While I was in America last time, Gay took me to an antique mall that was new in Flint, Michigan. I really enjoyed shopping because the mall was huge and I could see a lot of vintage or antique stuff. While I was enjoying looking around with her, I found a small matching cup and saucer set. I thought it was very pretty. I overturned the cup because I wanted to make sure where the cup came from. I especially love collecting British cup and saucer sets. They are very elegant and have a lot of details. Most of them are not hand painted, but I can get a lot of painting hints from the sets.

When I overturned the saucer, I found a very interesting mark that I've never seen before. It said "Made in Occupied Japan, Ohata China". I've seen made in Japan china many times at antique shops in America and am used to it, but it was my first time to find occupied stuff. Since I couldn't understand the meaning of it, I asked to Gay. She told me that it wasn't happy for me, but it had been created while our country was colonized by America after World War 2. I thought it was very interesting and found a part of our history! I bought it.

After getting home, Gay searched about occupied stuff for me. She told me that it had been created from 1945 to 1952.
I knew our country lost World War 2, but I've never seen the proof. To be honest with you, I was very shocked.

After I return to Japan, I also asked my Texan friend, Matt about the occupied stuff. He also helped me to find some links.

I found that during our country was colonized by America, we had to print the mark "made in occupied Japan" on all our export things. I didn't study it at my history class. I asked to both my husband and daughter if they studied it at school, but both of them also didn't study. The occupied stuff are exported things, and that's why we haven't seen them in Japan. I also tried to search "Ohata China", but unfortunately, I couldn't find any information about the china company. I guess we already don't have the company in Japan any more.

I'd love to show the matching cup and saucer set to my parents. They might know about it more. I'm happy to be able to find a part of our history in America! If you know some information about it, could you tell me about them? I'm looking forward to receiving a lot of information from you!