Long Time No See!

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Apr 30, 2012 11:02
Long time no see, everyone! How have you been? I'm so glad that I can come back to here! I have had a hard week for painting at the Michigan school. I was so busy that I couldn't be suffered from a jet lag this time. It was good for me.

I learned a Meissen style from my Mexican teacher. It was my first time for me to take her class. She was an amazing teacher, and I learned a lot form her. She and I painted together until midnight every day while chatting. Before I took her class, I was worried about her English because I thought she spoke English with a Spanish accent. After class started, I realized that her English was good, and I could couch up with her.

Someone told me that one of the way for us to measure our progress is if we can say jokes in our other languages. Every time I come to America, I surprise that I've been improving my English because I can understand some jokes, and I sometimes even say some jokes in English! This time I really entertained my Mexican teacher with some jokes! She told me I was her best student ever! I'm so honored it!

My school was end yesterday, and I moved to my American friend's house. She and I were exhausted, and we took three times nap today. I finally feel relax. I didn't want to paint today, but I have to start painting tomorrow for the Canadian china painting show.