My Kutani Painting Class

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Apr 11, 2012 18:59
Yesterday I went to Kanazawa City to take my Kutani painting class. I started to learn the Japanese painting style on pottery one year ago. Since I'm the only one student for my painting teacher, I've been concerning about my class since I started to take the class.

When I entered the class room, my painting teacher asked me if I could go to his house to keep on taking his class. First, I couldn't understand why he asked such thing to me, and I couldn't reply to him in a certain way. A office lady at our school came, and she explained that they fired him because there was only one student. She told me that the class wasn't popular among people.

After she left the class room, I answered my teacher that I really wanted to keep on painting with him. I love Kutani painting and really would love to master it. He seemed to be very happy and promised me that he could teach me everything that he has experienced in his painting life. When I listened to his reference, I was so happy! From now on, I can go to his house to take the painting class, and I'm the only student for him! Don't you think it's soooooooo gorgeous for me?