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Sep 21, 2013 12:10
A Tip

Have you read Daren Sharn series before? I'm reading the third book in English to improve my reading skills, and I'm involved in it! This book series is the best that I've read before, and I sometimes forget that I'm reading in English.

It's hard for me to find certain books in English that I can enjoy with my current skills because my reading skills are not the same as my reading abilities in Japanese. So, when I found the book series, I was very happy. The books are written for children, but you never get bored and tired to read because the stores are so interesting.

I think reading abilities relate to writing skills. When we improve our reading skills, we can write better. So, I highly recommend to you reading books in the language that you are learning. I heard that the daren Sharn series has a manga series too in Japanese. If you are interested in the book series, try to read them!