It Disappointed Me

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Sep 14, 2011 20:49
Actually, a kind of disappointing thing happened to me yesterday. As you know, I am planning to go to America to take some painting classes. However, according my friend, I will miss my first day at my painting school, and I am also going to miss my first dinner there. Before I received a message from my Michigan friend, I hadn't realized that I would miss them. I had believed that I booked my air tickets, hotel, food and everything in a proper way. She said that I misunderstood one day. I still couldn't understand because I followed the schedule of the painting school's website. However, she told me that the dates were wrong, and I had to follow a brochette of the painting school. Who knows which is correct?

I almost became mad because I am Japanese, and I can't understand everything in English. The brochette of the painting school seems to be more difficult for me to read. It is much easier for me to read the website. I really think the painting school where I go this time isn't kind for international students.

On the other hand, my Michigan friends are so nice to me. They said that even though I would miss the banquet, the food wasn't good. I really didn't need to worry about it. They could take me to a good restaurant. I really appreciate them.