Dear Stephen

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Nov 15, 2019 23:15
Dear Stephen

How have you been so far? I have heard that you have been sick for a while. I hope you feel better soon, and I am praying for you.

I watched your demonstration video clip which someone has posted on Facebook, and I really miss your classes. It was fun to take your classes and paint with you. You are one of my favorite teachers and mentors. I learned a lot from you, and it's still treasures for me. Every time I paint flowers, I said to myself flowers have all colors, all different shapes and so on which you taught to me.

I haven't gone back to the States for two years, and I really miss Gay's school and Gay. I want to visit her some time and enjoy antiquing with her. It was so much fun to antiquing with you when you came up to Michigan to teach at Gay's school. The Dresden plates which you found for me were still my favorites! I hope when I go back to Michigan, you can join us. It will be so much fun! Gay and I might go down to Pensacola to take your classes. It will be so much fun as well!! I have never been Pensacola before even though I have heard about the city from you a lot. I would love to visit there to see you.

So, please get well soon. I am looking forward to painting with you again.


This is an email to my painting teacher who is going to die. I am very sad to lose him.