about VISA (ビザについて)

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Nov 4, 2010 19:09 VISA ESTA
I examined about VISA at the first time when I received a question from my friend.

The Japanese people is demanded VISA when we go to following country.....

Asia: about 20 countries (e.g Afghanistan, India, North Korea...)
Europe: Russia
South America: Panama, Brazil, and Belize
Africa: almost (except six countries)
Oceania: Australia(we need 'VISA' or 'ESTA')

I was surprised that there were a lot of countries of Asia....
We could go to USA without VISA until two years ago.
However,recently we must get 'ESTA' instead of VISA before departure because USA strengthened the security.
'ESTA'=Electronic System for Travel Authorization
We can apply for ESTA with our personal computer and get authorization at once.

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