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I'm a multimedia programmer. I create software for education and health therapists. Ma famille est bilingue en anglais et en français. J'habite actuellement en France.

I'm interested in how the Social Web 2.0 will change the way people learn, et particulièrement comment ça va changer la façon d'apprendre les langues et les cultures étrangères.


Русский язык я изучал много лет назад. Постараюсь вспомнить то, что я забыл.

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Testimonials from My Friends

Rachel Q
James is the one I'm looking for that can fulfill (maybe part of) my dreams. Lucky me!!! His English and French are both at native level. He is very very warm-hearted, intelligent and really helped me a lot other than languages. Thank you, James!!!
I love his correction style. He makes me to think that he is my old friend because he does not only correcting but also giving advices about life.
หน้าคุณเจมส์นี้คล้ายๆดาราคนไหนซักคน ผมนึกไม่ออก^-^
Guiman กุ้ย
หน้าลุง James เหมือนดาราเลยนะครับ
☆彡James,Always thank you for correcting my entry.☆彡 ★His correction is always kind and adequate. I’m always being helped by him. His photo is cool,Don't you think so?\(^◇^)