Why is taking so long?

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Feb 24, 2012 09:30
Why is taking so long?

Two weeks ago I have a job interview.

My performance was average so I won’t expect a second interview will be happen.

Besides my experience tells me if they are not going to discuss the salary in the first round that already means a “NO”.

Anyway, one week later the company calls again and said the management would like to see me and have a second interview.

The time will be Monday 2/20 10:00, usually the second interview won’t be that long but since I don’t have a choice, so I must say yes to them.

But at 9:15 that day the HR manager calls me again and said the manager suddenly have an urgent matter therefore the meeting needs to reschedule.

The newly arrange time is 2/24 Friday 10:00, again that give me an impression do they really want to hire someone to work for them?

In an hour later I will got the answer.

But this second interview is just taking so long to wait!