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May 20, 2009 17:27
Explain the meaning of the word from the film, "Ratatouille", without looking up the word in a dictionary.

1. sneaky→The way of doing something isn't fair, and don't open to the public.

2. hygiene→Keeping something clean prevent from infecting some disease or for one's health.

3. funny→The description of making people laugh, smile, and humorous. Otherwise, the description of strange.

4. mope→(British English) The state of being dejected.

5. poison checker→The job that testing whether the food can be safe to eat or not.

6. fuel→The substances that supply for heating like gas, coal, oil and so on.

7. faux-pas→Making a slip of the tongue, and doing something one shouldn't.

8. jinx→Something that people believe some region happen bad luck and effect.

9. ingredient→Some materials that consist of the food.

10. cuisine→The particular way of food or food itself, especially the high rank food in some restaurant.

11. dysfunctional family→The group of people who are blood-tie each other or are living together, but their relation doesn't work well.

12. savour→Experiencing, thinking, enjoying the taste of food.
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