The radioactive threat

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Jul 10, 2009 22:37
I wanted to write down in my diary about an A-bomb, after reading paco-san's entry  "Humans and nuclear weapons cannot coexist.".
I'm sorry to trouble you, but let me tell about my family.
My parents also went to Hiroshima to gather the remains of their sister after dropping of the A-bomb.
My father died from gastric cancer 31 years ago and
my mother died from colorectal cancer 25 years ago.
They had gotten a hibakusha health book.
I cannot help believing that there is a strong cause-and-effect relation between A-bomb and their death. I didn't want to believe that radioactivity influence beyond a generation. But my elder brother contracted colorectal cancer and had an operation for cancer 2 years ago.
He lives bravely with metastasis scare.
Because I inherits the genes of both its parents, I sometimes have a vague uneasiness.
I believe a progress in the medical sciences and live at the present. I think that the real fear of A-bomb is in a psychology of people who died from illnesses caused
by A-bomb radiation.
I'd like to introduce a story of Sadako Sasaki here in this entry.
Sadako Sasaki was two years old when the bomb was dropped on her home city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Sadako seemed to escape any ill effects after her exposure to the bomb, until, ten years later, she developed leukemia, "the atom bomb disease."
When she was in the hospital, her friend Chizuko brought her a folded paper crane and told her the story about it. According to Japanese legend, the crane lives for
a thousand years, and a sick person who folds a thousand cranes will become well again.
Sadako folded cranes throughout her illness. The flock hung above her bed on strings.
When she died at the age of twelve, Sadako had folded six hundred and forty-four cranes.
Classmates folded the remaining three hundred and fifty-six cranes, so that one thousand were buried with Sadako.
In 1958, with contributions from school children, a statue was erected in Hiroshima Peace Park, dedicated to Sadako and to all children who were killed by the atom bomb.(quoting from the Net)
BTW, A photo on my HP is the children's Peace Monument.



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