The positive and negative effects of mobile phone.

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Oct 1, 2010 14:55 IELTS Writing Parctice (03)
Many people use mobile phones today. What are the positive and negative effects of mobile phones on individuals and society as a whole?

Along with the wide range usage of mobile phone, the argument whether this phenomenon is a positive or a negative issue has aroused a wide range debate. To be frank, mobile phone has brought a lot of convenient to individuals' daily life, but the negative effect cannot be ignored as well.

Admittedly, mobile phone makes our life easier than the old time. People via this device saved a lot of time, which makes our society more effective. To be exact, people have to use telephone to receive another person's message. From this point, it is not convenient enough for the fast-paced speed of modern society. People have to arrange a certain time to make a phone call, or will miss something important. Assuming one has a cell phone, and of course the battery is charged and the signal is stable, he will never miss any call and any text message, which will help him communicate with families or colleagues more easier.

However, when mobile phone brings convenience to one's life, it becomes to a burden to individual as well. In order to attract more consumers, the functions of those mobile phones are not only calls, but also entertainments, such as games or Internet. In this case, people, especially those young students, may easily dropped into these tempt and forget the things more importantly to do. In addition, the radiation from mobile phone will also impact one's health, and that is why experts recommend turning of cell phone before going to sleep.

To sum up, I insist that the beneficial brought by mobile phone to one's life is obviously, but the negative effects should also be more attention.
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