My Late New Year's Resolutions

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Jan 18, 2009 17:37 mandarin attitude_towards_people disorganized
I decided that I'll be more compassionate with others this year than the last year. This isn't just for others, but also for making things in my life go well. It's really true that if you want people to treat you the way you want, you must treat people that way.

I know I tend to be a little bit self-centered, but from a different perspective, this can be viewed as a strength that has been making me tolerant of different points of view because I think it's fair to accept people's shortcomings in return for their acceptance of my changeable, rather individualistic nature. So, I generally find good sides of people rather than point out what is lucking or not enough. This works very well to motivate people, and myself!

Also, I've narrowed down my language study to only English because I don't have any particular purpose for studying Mandarin (actually, the purpose for studying English isn't clear either...I just want to enjoy science and psychology-related articles written in Englsih on the Web.) Maybe I've bitten a little too much. Most of the time, my mind is disorganized because I'm helplessly inquisitive so I often end up achieving nothing.