Cuteness in the Japanese Corporate World

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Jun 8, 2009 22:31 suica penguin jr japanese_cute_culture lismo chocoball キョロちゃん corporate_mascots
I ran across an interesting article on the Web about Japanese cute culture. You can see a list of 30 most popular corporate mascots in Japan here:

I’ll pick out some cuties from the list.

The left picture is Morinaga Chocoball’s Kyoro-chan(森永チョコボールのキョロちゃん), the No.1 cute mascot in the list. Yes, he’s absolutely cute! I was using a Kyo-chan alarm clock when I was young in my parents’ house. Every weekday morning, it went “Kue kue kue...asagohan...Itadakimaaaasu!”, translated: “ Eat eat eat ...breakfast...itadakimasu(a phrase Japanese say right before having meals)!” with fun music.

The middle one is the No.2 in the list. It’s KDDI (a tele communication company, know for its au mobile phones)'s Lismo. I wonder why this squirrel is that popular because it’s face is blank. There seems nothing giving off cuteness in it...

The cute, round-faced penguin in the right picture is my favorite! It placed No. 15 in the list, but in my own list, it’s No.1! You can see the penguin at the JR train stations across Kanto region if you’re living in Japan. Every time I walk past the cute faces of this penguin in train stations, it put a smile on my face. I like round-shaped things. Some of you may have noticed that it’s mouth(or nose?) looks like a coffee bean. =p I believe that’s what makes the penguin even cuter! Though I love this penguin so much and it’s been my favorite for at least a year, I learned the penguin’s name just a little while ago. It’s called Suippi. How sweet!