Attempting to lose weight.

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Feb 21, 2009 13:32 diet winter agar
Well,it has been a long while since the last time I had updated my diary on 3rd Jan? I just can't keep it up-to-date because you know I've been in this kind of situation like stuck in work.

So what I've been trying to do for the last couple of days is to lose weight which I had put during the winter time from November 2008 to today. In every winter, I usually put on 3 to 4kg due to a keen appetite, especially during the time I have period. Now I have gained about 5kg, 1 or 2kg more than usual and it's just sad and unbelievable, but it's what I usually do in winter even though I know what would happen if I ate this and that. And my excuse is "I eat to protect myself from the cold like a bear does!"

The more I try to eat less, the more I put on weight because I get so stressed each and every time I try. Maybe the cold makes me want to eat constantly or I just really don't know what does make me want to eat but it is just ridiculously too much and my family is surprised by me eating like a horse. All of the methods I have done to lose weight had made my body unable to lose weight easily. I had once lost 7kg after I came back from Australia and some friends of mine that live in Tokyo with whom I sometimes hang out, have seen how dramatically I had changed in only 3 or so months. I barely survived at that time because I only took about 500 to 700 calories per day and my whole face was covered with pimples which have been just cured by taking antibiotics prescribed by my doctor. I looked awful and I was merely thinner than when I was staying in Australia. I still go to see him twice a month though.

When the winter came, the last October, I started to have a poor circulation because of metabolic problems caused by not eating adequate amounts. All of that caused me to put on weight so easily when I ate something that I haven't eaten for a long time and not to mention, it made it hard for me to lose wight as well.

Fortunately, I have just found a method to lose weight by which I can still stay healthy while doing it. It's called Agar Diet which was very popular among 20s to 50s females and males in 2005 in Japan. I have heard of a way to lose weight by agar but I had never been interested in it since I had been believing that the fastest way to lose weight was of course by eating little! Agar is not so expensive and I can get it from the grocery store nearby for about 400 yen per 40g. It contains a big amount of diet fiber about 84 % of it and this is why I think it is good for me. I don't usually have regular bowel movements maybe because I always skip dinner. Now I have started taking agar a few days ago, 2 days ago exactly, since then , I have been having the bowels active and what's more I have lost 1.4kg :P (equivalent to 1400g. I don't know how to count it in pounds.) I use Agar to make my diet jelly and it is just perfect. Lemon jelly, coffee jelly, tea jelly, green tea jelly and the best, apricot kernel jelly! (I have no idea how it's called in English but it's a chinese dessert an-nin dofu. delicious!)

Other than using agar, I also massage my body along the lines of lymph while soaking in the bath for at least 30 minutes and the food I eat is based on vegetables and brown rice. I am now healthy and eating well xD

I suppose using agar is the best way to lose weight for me hehe ;) because I love sweets that are kind of jelly.

(If you had time, please find and correct mistakes for me, anything will be appreciated. Thank you.)