A Japanese tradition tejime(How to do tejime)

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Jan 9, 2009 10:58
On 5th (Monday)New Year holidays was over, “Teuchi”was watched on the television a lot on the day.
Tejime is a kind of tradition which is clapping when people want to share happiness to the other, especially it is able to see at fish auctions or in a business situation to boost their business.
Not only at fish auction, sometime you can see it at after-hours party.
There are two types of tejime, first one is style of Kanto area (which is around Tokyo), and second one is style Kansai area (which is around Osaka).
But I only know Kanto one, so I’ll introduce it on today’s entry.
A way to do tejime is like this..
When someone say that 「一本締め(いっぽん)でお手(て)を拝借(はいしゃく)お願(ね)いします。」which means “We are going to do ipponjime together”
A leader will say “Yo-!”After that people clap their hands in same time in same beat.
The beat is like that da・da・da da・da・da da・da・da   da (3 ・3・3・1)
When a leader say「三本締め(さんぼんじめ)でお手(て)を拝借(はいしゃく)…」which means “We are going to do sanbonjime together.”
Sanbonjime is threefold of iponjime, so people do ipponjime three times.

You can see this YouTube video how to do ipponjime.
When you come to Japan, do tejime together and share our happiness!

(at fish auction↓)

(大発会:証券取引場at the stock exchanges in Tokyo)

(and this is not wrong but .maybe make fun of tejime)