Food in Saudi Arabia

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Oct 25, 2010 04:34
The most important meal in Saudi Arabia is lunch, and the least important is breakfast.

In breakfast and sometimes in dinner we have light food, jam, cheese, egg, olive...etc. And ofcourse bread. Here we use bread to pick up food. It's a main thing in all courses. And sometimes we have pancake or Arabic meals like fool, Hummus, taamiaah.

In lunch the main food is rice, we eat it around everyday. We have heavy meals with it like chicken, meat, fish, soap..etc.
There are many ways to make chicken for example, and every method make a new meal. So, we have a lot of choices.

We also eat Italian food, Chinese food, Indian food...
And there are traditional or Arabic meals like mantoo, mahshii,samboosa,shawirma...

Saudi Arabia is famous of its Kabsa. It's meat and rice.

We make these food at home and sometimes we order from restaurants. we have many famous restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut, Chili's, Mcdonald's, Chucke Cheese.

We don't eat pork meat or drink alcohol.Because we are Muslims and they are prohibited for us.

Also, Saudi Arabia is famous of Arabic coffee. When guests come to our houses we serve it to them first.

We usually don't use forks or knives to eat lunch, we just use spoons and sometimes bread.
Some people eat on the table, and another sit on the floor.

About desserts, Syria is famous of it. It makes very delicious desserts. I like baqlawah much.

Dates here are very popular especially in the holy month of Ramadan. We eat it with breakfast.

Those triangle things in the picture are called sambosa. It filled with different things, chicken, meat, cheese...And they are very popular in Ramadan.

Those Sandwiches are shawirma, it made by chicken in a special way.

The last one is baqlawa.
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