cover letter for kitchen hand at Nursing home

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Jun 15, 2009 13:51
I am going to aplly for this position. Can someone fix up my cover letter please

The reason why I am applying this position is that I just like cooking and I got interested in the meals at nursing Home while I was doing work experience towards certificate 3 for Aged Care Work. I liked to feed the meals to the residents, too. They really enjoyed the meals.
When I was in Japan, I studied food nutrition and I became Dietitian. I had a lot of cooking practice when I was in the college as well as study about Nutrition. After I finished the college, I worked at a Pharmacy, Diet company and health food company so I can use my Nutrition knowledge at your kitchen, too.
As for kitchen work experience, I have worked at Italian restaurant in Japan and I worked at Japanese restaurant in Sydney. I enjoyed working as kitchen hand in both restaurants. I liked to see customers face eating food I cooked. Except for those, I cooked at home every day and I do love cooking.
Finally, I am very serious and honest personality so employer and co-worker can trust me easily. All the more I am hard worker, no smoker, no drink alcohol and physically fit. I promise I will work hard at your Nursing home.
Since I have knowledge about Food and Aged care work, I will be able to adjust the work environment and work effectively.
Please find attached my resume and selection criteria responses for your perusal.
Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my application in an interview.
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