Are your dishwasher work well?

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Jun 28, 2011 12:50
I had never used a dishwasher before.
Now I have stayed my friend's house and they say "Please use dishwasher because it saves water." Then I am using the dishwasher.
However it takes one day to fill the dishwasher, so food crap or sauce are dried when I turn the dishwasher.
And they don't go away very well and remind on the plates or cups.
So I need to rinse them before I put them in the dishwasher.

I was wondered and went to a website that is talked about how dishwasher can save water than hand wash.
They said modern dishwasher uses only 2 or 3 litters of water and hand wash use 10 or 11 litter of water per person a day.
And we don't have to worry about rinse because the modern dishwasher works well for the dried food crap or sauce. Our dishwasher is not modern one??

I think sometimes hand wash is more efficient than dishwasher. Because in my case, I don't eat or cook oily food and I normally wash dishes as soon as I use them.
My way of hand wash is use hard sponge to take food crap or sauce first, then put detergent on the sponge and wash the plates, then rinse them under the running water but not too much. It is much faster than dishwasher.

My husband has a sailing boat and the boat has limited water on it, so I know how can I save water as possible as I can.
But most important thing to me is don't eat oily food. If I eat oily food, I wipe the dishes by paper before I wash them.

Do you think dishwashers works better than hand wash, and more efficient?