Unsocialize is not good for mental?

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Sep 16, 2011 14:54
I have had a cold since last Thursday then, have not been out for about ten days.
And I am doing like a critique in front of the computer whole day long.
Then I finally updated a writing on my blog that sounded like a big complaining.

I think some of my Internet or real friends who read my writing began to dislike me.

When people have the stress, they try to relieve it.
To me the way of relieve the stress is sometimes go for walk, sometimes do window shopping and DO something that I like.

But unfortunately my cold had bad cough then I could not go out and see people.
I have lost my social life for ten days.
Ten days was not too long but I felt that was long enough to me to been mentally bad.

When I have poor health physically, my mental health is also poor.
So in this time, all my comments become negative than usual.
It was good to say anything.
I deleted a my comment on face book because it sounded like just a complaining.

I feel I am a bad person who is jealous and arrogant.
However what can I do if I don't have any friend to talk about my little daily complaining. Then it become bigger and bigger and finally I tell it to others in the public, I mean on the Internet.
That is really bad.

I have tried to been a nice person but it is much better to go out and see people instead of stay home with some reason.
I think that I cannot live myself. I need some one to talk with.

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