Am I not friendly?

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Jul 18, 2011 14:23
I have stayed in friend's house since one and half month ago.
They like watching TV or videos and it is normally after dinner till before go to bed.
They have provided a bed room for my husband and me.
We came here with only a couple of suits cases after our traveling the US and Japan straight away. So we don't have our stuff much.
I have enjoyed the Internet such as face book, Lang-8 or other social communities and, my friend-s's blogs.
And I like crafting then I bought some knitting balls and needles the other day.

My husband loves watching videos too however, I completely stopped watching TV or videos five or six years ago, I don't know why.
I used enjoy videos, rented them and watched them a lot but now I don't enjoy them any more and TV as well.
Now I love sound of nature or doing creative things. (make something myself or singing, painting or play instrumentals)

So I am staying in the room and enjoying those kinds of things. So far I do just Internet and the knitting.
However my husband says that we have stayed in our friends house so I have to join to watch videos together with all of them.

I am worried about that they might be thinking I am a not friendly person because I always stay in the bed room and enjoy my own things.
Should I sometimes watch videos with them?
Or I could say "I don't like watching videos" Is it make thing easy?