*Subject: order food

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Mar 8, 2017 18:34
*Subject: order food

What is delicious in this area?
Please recommend a restaurant.
I'd like a table in a quiet area.
I’d like a table by the window.
Can I see the menu?
What is delicious?
What is it?
How much is it?
What is in this food?
I want to have…
Can I have a glass of water?
Do you have something to drink?
I’d like to have the same dish as that.
I can’t eat spicy food well.
What is not spicy food?
Please not too spicy.
Thanks for the meal.
Korean people usually say this before eating.
Enjoy your meal.
How do I eat this?
I'm full.
Bill please.

*Subject: Special Diets

I’m a vegetarian.
I have an allergy to nuts.
I have an allergy to seafood.
I have an allergy to milk.
I have an allergy to honey.
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