Effects of Hot Springs 2

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Mar 17, 2017 11:51 hot_springs onsen
【Thermal effects】
As your body warms, blood circulation improves, metabolism rises, which can stimulate the discharge of waste materials accumulated in your body. It helps to recover from fatigue because it eliminates or reduces the problem of your body including stiff shoulders. In addition, as the blood flow improves by the thermal action, the internal organs including the intestines are activated and metabolism is improved. It will be correct bathing which is said to be effective of thermal effect, soaked in hot water of 38 ℃ to 40 ℃ for 15 to 20 minutes.

【Hydraulic effects】
As the hydrostatic pressure apply to your body surface, the internal organs are stimulated, and it becomes internal organ movement.
Which is kind of natural massage.
Approximately one-third of the total blood gathers on the legs and this blood is sent back to the heart, so "legs are sometimes referred to as the second heart".
The blood of this leg on land, gravity interferes and blood does not easily rise to the heart.
However, when taking a bath, the water pressure narrows the blood vessel, and the blood is pushed up towards the heart (pump up effect).
As a result, the flow of the veins in the lower limbs improves and the circulation of blood and lymph fluids also becomes active.

【Buoyancy effects】
If you soak your neck in a hot spring, your weight will be about a tenth and you will be able to move your body freely.
The muscles relaxed with the feeling that your body got lighter, it seems that the brain waves tend to be in a relaxed status of "alpha wave".
It is also used for rehabilitation of muscular weak persons and with decreased motor function persons.
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