A role play game.

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Mar 7, 2017 06:01
A role play game.
Its a game, so that I've wroten is not true, I make a role for my exam, I don't think that I wrote! It must be a controversy issue!

"Hello, I'm a biologist and I work on conservation and protection of insects.
While remaining in human causes of disappearing of bees, I'll talk about natural causes. I said it's natural because they are a link with nature however it's mostly the fault of human that problems exist.
So natural problems make bees disappeare are:
Firstly weather conditions: bees are very sensitive to climate change
Secondly, tropical things: parasites, diseases and predators. Bees are not able to defend themselves against this.
How those problem exist? Because of human.
Humanity consumes its world with intensive culture or with pollution, thats why climate change.
Most of tropical parasites, tropical predators and tropical diseases arrived with importation of tropical plants, with mondial business.
We must limit this, to protect bees. I believe that to protect bees, it is necessary to:
increase sustainable agriculture and mainly eat local, live local, stop internationnal business. France is Frenche and French peoples must live like this.
Humans must learn to live better in accordance with nature, my solution allows.