A Documentary Movie about Children of Gay Couples

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Mar 29, 2017 10:31
A Documentary Movie about Children of Gay Couples
Last night, I watched a movie on YouTube about children of gay couples. There are four families in the plot. This post only discusses two of the four families. A family comes from Sydney, Australia. Two married men have an adopted son. He is 7 years old. This family moved to Fiji because one of the men works in that country. In Fiji, being gay is uncommon. To avoid somethings unexpected happens to his son, the couples had discussion. Jack, one of the fathers said to his son: when somebody asks you about who is your father, just answer Mike is my dad. Mike is his Jack's husband. Regardless this issue, I saw that this gay couple treat his son as in normal family. They really care to his son.

Another plot tells about lesbian couples with her son who do not believe in God. The son denied the existence of God. He wants to be an atheist. However, his mothers asked him to join bible study class. His mothers also took his son to the priest. When the priest asks to him about the reason of being an atheist, the answer was surprising me. This kid doesn't want to learn bible because being gay against God will. Gay is forbidden and it is a sin. This boy really loves his mothers, but they are a same-sex married couples and it against bible.