A few days ago on English lesson, we watched a movie under the titl...

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Mar 8, 2017 05:58
A few days ago on English lesson, we watched a movie under the title: "Too hot not to handle". The documentary tells about the effects of global warming in the World, but especially in the United States.

The movie focuses on a lot of issues, such as: heat waves which are deadly dangerous for old persons, the greenhouse effect which is main cause of global warming, extreme weather (drought, flood), snowpack (it give 75% water for the USA), forest fires, tropical diseases, pollens, melting Alaska, rising sea level, storm surge, hybrid cars and ethanol such as fuel.
Discussion about negative effect carbon dioxide is very hard, and in extreme cases this may cause quarrels. Some people find emission CO2 can destroy Earth, but other that it isn't a problem and you should not worry the gas.

In my opinion, he movie shows a point of view some scientists, and most scenes are exaggerated. The greenhouse effect largely depends on natural factors (oceans, rivers and seas) than from human factors. The oceans release more CO2 in a year than mankind has released since the industrial revolution. About 98% carbon dioxide come from nature. Climate of the Earth is variable and we have to accept this.
The solution this problem is accept this, because global warming is not a bad thing.
The most shocking me extreme weather conditions. The devastating power of nature are scary, and the man is helpless.

Regarding music and views in the movie, I think they are good fit to create a propaganda scenes, and cause shock for spectators. A number of the combination negative issues is so much that spectators may to get the impression that life in Earth will be ended in while.

To sum up, we have a small influence on global warming. Reducing emission CO2 will not change anything, because as long we live as CO2 level will be increase from natural cause. One should find a way how protect One from extreme weather than prevent them, because One does not win with the nature.
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