Groups and organizations are an important part of some people’s lives. Why are groups or organizations important to people?

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Dec 10, 2011 21:46
Some people think groups or organizations play an vital role in their lives. Each and everyone of us has to take part in one of organizations.I am totally agree with them because of some specific reasons as discussed below.
Firstly,man adopt a natural will to live with others who have common senses with him such as interests,occupations and incomes.Group or organization are founded to meet this basic need.Being member of these ones,you will have more opportunities to interact with other people and experience the feeling of admire and respect,which you would never have when you're alone.
Secondly,organization is known as the collection of people,therefore,it has more impact on society than an individual.It can mobilize various resorces to perform particular activities,which require great contribitions of many people.Let take The United Nation as an example.After the massive earthquake cause devastation across Haiti,thousands people are urgent in need of foods,medicines,shelters.The UN spent more than seven hundred billion of dollars in a short time to suport Haiti.It is actually a huge amount of money which an individual could not afford.
Thirdly,interacting with diffirent people in a group will be the best way to improve knowledge,communicating skill.For example,as a schoolar majoring in banking field,I often use financial terms to dicuss with my friends.At one time,I have trouble because one customer did not understand anything I said.My college advised me try to use daily langugues instead.Finally,I and my customer got the deal.
After all,we can't live in complex society that lack of organizations or groups.Society and ourselves take a lot of benefits from them.