Nowadays traffic in major cities is worsening. What problems does it create? How can we help solve these problems as individuals?

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Nov 23, 2011 13:32
Nowadays,traffic in major cities poses as an urgent problem to many developing countries.Terrible traffic situation could be described via these phrases" congestion", "road degradation", "an increase in number of fatal accidents" ,which can be heard everyday in the news reports,make commuters becomes more and more stressed.
The negative impact of traffic prolems is that it takes too much time, money as well as lives of men.So,what we can help to solve these problem as an individual?
From my personal view, it is natural that everyone consider owning one kind of private vehical such as a car or a motobike as one of top priorites in their budget's plan because of its convinience.Therefore,if someone volunterily change his/her habit from traveling by personel vehical to public transportation means,it would be a big help to ease traffic pressure.
Secondly,people should stricly follow traffic'intructions.Someone might laugh when I give this offer but to be honest, in my country, awareness of who is behind the whell is really bad.Whenever they are in the middle of stuck, they just try to escape from there as soon as possible even ignoring the traffic signal lights.These behaviors not only causes the situation worse but also put themselves into dangers.
Last but not least, if there're still several empty seats in your car,you should give someone a ride. This is the way to show your kindness to others and also save natural resouce for next our generation.