What subject you like best in school?

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Nov 18, 2011 10:56
Truly saying,I had a high academic performance in school.My favourite subjects are mostly natural sciences,including Physics, Chemistry, Maths.. but Maths is the subject I like best
My passion on Math was first inspired by my father. He is an math teacher at secondary school.Since I was one grade pupil, my father had already encouraged me to find answers to his math puzzles and quizzes. When I received nooded in agreement from him,at that moment I felt like as if I was Christophe Colomb who had just discover America
Arithmetic,Algebra and Geometry are three main sub- devision of maths being taught in high school.As usual, teachers assigned difficult maths questions to students before finishing lecture.Each one would solve them seperately in class or at home but if they were too difficult, we were allowed to discuss.Sometimes, several of us even forgot sleeping or eating to find the correct answers.
At university,we studied advanced mathematics and econometrics. It is certainly more difficult than the mathematics program for high school students but in my opinion, it is more practical than others
Nowadays, many people consider English as the most important subject in school. However,I think English language is also a mean of communication. It plays an major role in spreading scentific knowleadge but mathematics offers a lot of theories applied in other sciences.