11 November 2011

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Nov 2, 2011 12:47
Last Sunday,I got a phonecall from my friend asking me to join with his group hike to Fanxipang. Conquering Fanxipang is always a big dream as well as a big challenge to everyone, especially to youngters and foreigner tourists.
Phanxipang is the highest mountain among three neighbourhood countries including Campuchia, Lao and VietNam.It is 3.143 metter height above sea level. According to his schedule, the journey would take 4 days and 3 nights. We would have aross a routine which was estimated 60 kilomettre on foot. He also added " To reach the highest peak we have go through mazy windings which one side is vertical ciff, one side is deep chasm and we will spend 2 windy and foggy nights in the tents between the jungle". It's actually amazing experience,I nodded off athought I have a bit anxiety of my health condition.
My problem turn out to be unnecessary. Now,I'm so confuse: my company has announced its plan to launch the volunteer program at the same time with my trip to Fanxipang.Our team has started collecting old clothes, sandals,instant noddles, books and pens for donating poor students in a remote school in Sapa for several months. The school that we make donation have 230 students and all of them are H"mong ethnic minority.We expect that our gifts would be sent to each of those by ourselves therefore all of staffs are mobilised to take part in this activity and I'm not exception