Dreaming in Spanish

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Apr 16, 2011 04:19
Last night I dreamed in Spanish.

In my dream I was talking with someone by Skype, it was a video-calling.
He showed me a cake with candles, played guitar and sang a song for my birthday, although I tried to explain him it was too early, because it is in August.

I can't remember much more.

I haven't used Spanish for a long time.
I'd like to practice it a little or I'll forget everything, but it isn't simple to manage the time in order to use English, Spanish and to learn a bit of Chinese.

Maybe I have to dedicate one day a week or one week a month to every language, for example listen to music or watch a movie and everyday, in the spare time, study hanzi. Or is it better to do everyday short alternate sessions for every language?

What about your experience? Do you think that my proposal would be effective? How can it work better?