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Apr 5, 2011 06:21
I work in a call center. This morning a colleague called a customer but he can't understand what she tried to explain him. Finally she said us "He was a Chinese" because of his surname, so I started thinking about that language that I still not speak and my job.

I'd like I could be able to said some simple sentence in Chinese, but sometimes we use technical words that are hard also for a native speaker.

We offer technical support for customers of a Telecommunication Company.

Have you ever had any problem with your phone or internet service at home?

Probably you've called the Assistance and a young unprepared boy ask you to reset your modem of to check the cables and finally say "I'll do a segnalation".

Well, I am that unprepared boy, not, that girl...

We have some standard sentences we have to apply when we start or end the call:

Good mornig! Alessandra speaking, from Vodafone. I've called you because of your segnalation...

Or finally:

I remind you that tomorrow you can receive an automatic phone call asking you an opinion about my work. I thank you in advance for the vote you'll give me. Goodbye.

That means that our Team every day have a mark based of the Quality of our help and the Effectiveness of it. Sometimes we have bad mark for the Effectiveness because the customer vote the global service and not us, he can't divide us from his problem .__.

I like help people, but I'd prefer to work in a different branch, not Tecommunication.