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Mar 5, 2017 01:03


Mi a neved Ember. Gondolom nevem vicces, mivel "ember" magyarul "person" vagy "human". Mit gondolsz? :-)

Tanultam magyar néhány hónap. Talán 3 hónap. Nem biztosok.

Meg akarom tanulni az magyar nyelv mert ez érdekes, és hang szép.

Örülök hogy a Lang8.

Hello all,

Nice to meet you.

My name is Ember. I think my name is funny, because "Ember" in Hungarian means "Person" or "Human". What do you think? :-)

I've been learning Hungarian for a few months. Maybe 3 months. I'm not sure.

I want to learn the Hungarian language because it is interesting and it sounds beautiful.

I'm happy to be on Lang8.

(Apologies for ending this a little awkwardly, but I can't think of anything else to say).
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