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Mar 23, 2017 00:35
Hi! Here is my comment about a story I read last week. Could you please correct all the spelling, grammar and other mistakes I made? Thank you so much!

Prof. Queirling was detested by his pupils because of his superiority complex. While he was working he seemed to have an extraterrestrial spiritual part. Moreover his body didn’t move and his eyes were not able to show any reaction to things. Students were on a large sailing boat, examining the nature and the structure of extremely small sea life. Besides they were tired because they studied from morning until midnight and slept without having a real rest. The professor started speaking showing calm control rather than emotion and saying that his will was greater than any other physical force, because he believed in it. As soon as he finished speaking the chemist told him that he didn’t believe in what his opinion was. In chemist and the students’ opinion he was a liar and he talked with too much pride about something that he could do. To prove to them that he was a God among men, he used his superior brain power to shrink to microbe size and entered a droplet of rainwater populated by various simple and small forms of life and a jellyfish while the pupils were watching his antics on a cinema screen and the camera was filming his actions. Trembling, the students saw him became smaller, pass through the glass eye-pice down into the brass tube and finally wigwagging to them in arm code saying that he has done it, but unfortunately the jellyfish’s mouth closed while he was coming back to our word. Suddenly he disappeared because of the jellyfish which dissolved him. The students and the chemist were witnesses of what happened and decided to destroy what they filmed giving the reason to his disappearance that the professor drowned. Although the unhappy ending of the short story, I reckon it contains a great and deep meaning. On one hand I think there’s fantasy in this narration, but on the other hand I think this unearthly elements are just an exaggeration which gives us the opportunity to understand how much important is will power for doing things. If we didn’t believe in what we want, we would never achieve our goals. I absolutely agree with this idea, because in my opinion everyone of us can do more than what they believes. It’s not some people have willpower and someone don’t. It’ some people are ready to change and some others are not. I think the best thing is waking up with determination and going to bed with satisfaction, don’t you think?