(3) Some of my friends translated a famous fairy tale.

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Mar 14, 2017 01:27
(3) Some of my friends translated a famous fairy tale. Will you correct them? Thx in advance.

Beauty and the Beast (Written by IK)

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, an old man strayed into someone’s castle.
He got some food and a bed there.
Next morning, he searched for the owner of the castle to say thank you.
He went out to a garden and found beautiful roses.
He tried to pick some roses for his daughter, Beauty.
Then a horrible beast suddenly appeared from his back.
The Beast was the owner of this castle.
The Beast blamed the old man for trying to pick roses.
The Beast let him go home alive but demanded that he should bring one of his daughters instead.
At his house, he told his daughters what happened in the castle.
Beauty decided to go to Beast’s castle for her father.
In Beast’s garden, Beauty met a rose, which was a bad witch in disguise.
The witch tried to stop Beauty from meeting the Beast, but Beauty didn’t believe the witch.
Beauty went into the castle and didn't find anyone.
She noticed a sign of a human and opened a curtain.
There was the Beast, but he ran away.
After that, Beauty found her room that the Beast prepared for her.
There were many books in the room.
She was so happy and believed that the Beast must be kind.
Beauty and the Beast ate dinner together that evening.
He asked her to be his friend.
She accepted his offer, but she said that she missed her father.
He took a magic mirror that could reflect everything what she wanted.
The mirror showed her father.
Her father was sick and she cried.
The Beast felt sorry for her, so he released her only seven days.
She went home.
More than eight days later, Beauty came back to the castle.
The Beast was near death by the witch’s spell.
Beauty said to him that she loved him.
Suddenly the Beast transformed into a young prince.
Beauty’s true love broke the witch’s spell.
The witch ran away.
Beauty and the prince got married and lived happily ever after.