The last part of my essay (The U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa are Necessary)

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Jan 3, 2011 17:31
Some might argue that the American bases have given many troubles to people living there. It is true that a number of people who live near the bases suffer from them. For example, many crimes committed by American soldiers are a big concern. According to the Okinawa Prefecture Police, the number of arrested members of the USFJ in 2008 comes to 63. Ryukyushimpo, a Okinawan newspaper company, often reports about crimes by American soldiers and states that their chain of command does not work.

However, the number of American soldier criminals has dropped these years, and but for the American bases, their lives could be worse. As for the number of the criminals in 2008, in fact, it decreased from 133 compared to 5 years before (2003). So it is also true that they commit less crimes than before. Besides, countries near Japan would infringe our national interests if it were not for the bases. On September 7, 2010, while patrol boats of the Japan Coast Guard chased a suspicious Chinese fishing boat, the fishing boat suddenly collided with Japanese patrol boats on purpose. It is inside Japanese territorial waters that the surprising incident occurred. China has especially made its military power much stronger, and it can be thought that they intend to expand their territory. Without USFJ in Okinawa, Chinese ships might invade Japanese territory much more easily and openly.

To summarize, as evidence shows, the USFJ bases in Okinawa are vital and should not be removed. The bases can prevent other countries from attacking Japan since they are located in Okinawa. Furthermore, they are quite helpful to the Okinawan local economy. Finally, in spite of the claim of people against the bases in Okinawa, the bases bring more advantages than disadvantages to local inhabitants considering the security. Therefore, at least until East Asia becomes far safer and the economy in Okinawa gets strong enough to be independent of the military bases, they should keep being located there.