What I thought in Canada3: Flexible ideas about life

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Apr 29, 2012 22:26
Similarly, I discovered again that the Japanese idea about life is too tight. We rarely change our careers or places of living. A lot of Canadian people I know move so many times in their lives, including moving to a faraway place or a foreign country.

In addition, now I don’t think I should be afraid of language differences, following an example of many Canadian people. Most teachers at my school have lived or worked abroad and got various remarkable experiences. Looking at immigrants to Canada, many of them are not good speakers of English. But few care about that. Many of them have immigrated to Canada to seek for better works and better lives. Some of them have come there even because they like golf, which astonished me.

Maybe we shouldn’t be limited by many conservative restrictions. There are various possibilities in life if we make efforts to get over a whole bunch of differences.
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