Got Accepted by The Seminar

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Nov 18, 2011 00:16
Hi, everyone^^ I said I applied for a seminar at university and had an interview.

The interview seemed to me quite unsuccessful, but I got accepted anyway!

In the seminar, we are supposed to study about management, companies, and industry organization.

If any of you are interested in some of those, let's discuss!

1. The number of people who are absorbed in the manga is on the rise.

2. Unfortunately, I ran across the too talkative man on the way, but I managed to get the job as scheduled.

3. We ran short of office supplies, so the boss made his subordinate run errands.

4. Everyone has put up with the hard work, and the efforts resulted in the great success.

5. Their assignments range from easy ones to challenging ones, but I expect they will accomplish them sooner or later.