Caught A Cold! 風邪ひいた!

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Sep 6, 2011 21:46
Hello^^ Last week, I went to see fireworks taken place by the Sumida river. The fireworks were huge and thrilled me XD If you come to Japan in summer, don't miss it. Anyway, I caught a cold two days ago, and had a slight fever. But I've got over it now! Yay!

1. He is preoccupied with money, and never fails to change a job if he finds one that will pay more.

2. He joined an army to keep his large family at the price of spending time with them, and was sent to war. But he got home safe and sound.

3. We were told to manage to make up for the huge losses, it seems that we'll finally make it soon. Our long efforts are about to pay off.

4. He is in charge of this plant and is supposed to notify the head office of any information including whether the machines are under control.

5. I owe my mother to what I am today because she has been making efforts to make a living by herself. In return for that, I'll do something for her without fail while she's alive.

If you have some expressions you're not sure about, feel free to comment to ask me^^ I'm willing to let you know in detail in return for your correction.