Random Practice8 ランダム練習8

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Aug 23, 2011 00:51
Hi, everyone^^ How's it going? I'll go climb mountains from tomorrow to 26th in a popular area called Oze. I'm supposed to be unavailable during this trip.

1. After the big firm run by his family went bankrupt, the leader of the country was faced with considerable complaints, and was forced to resign. And another politician ended up coming to power after 1 week.

2. The country acquired an extensive oil as a result of intense negotiations, and its president tried to have a lot of influence on other countries by the carrot and the stick.

3. Before embarking on a new project, you need to fasten detailed data in favor of it to your report and hand in your supervisor.

4. The iPhone has penetrated the Japanese market quite successfully, so domestic firms in this country have undergone great hardships and are anxious about their profits.

5. We lost sight of our enemy, but we have to move forward with the planned strategy for the time being, and change it in line with circumstances.